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Sissi Vogler

Sissi Vogler


COUNTRY: Vienna, Austria
AGE: 34
♥ COLOURS: violet and neon pink

I grew up in Salzburg and moved to Vienna for my business studies. During that time I lived in many different places: Naples, Milan, London, Sydney and New York. I have always been a passionate traveller, I love exploring new cultures on different continents and I like that people are so different and that if you look well enough you may learn the profound characteristics: what makes a culture?

End of 2011 I started a very special journey through South-India and South-East-Asia, without a clear plan, but with lots of trust in life and trust in my heart. My fair fashion label REFISHED was born during that time. REFISHED stands for my belief that ethics and style are no contradiction. My 1st stop was Cambodia, where I got to know lots of great people with smiling faces but with many sad fates resulting from the Khmer rouge time. I started working with them and let them produce my first samples of CEMENT, my 1st collection made of upcycled cement bags. If I can only change a small no. of common comsumers' minds towards consentious buying I would be very happy. I wanna share my love and passion for design and people through my brand. Join me on my journey!

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