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Sun Nika

Sun Nika


ORIGIN: Cambodia
AGE: 34
♥COLOUR: Green

Let me introduce myself: I am Nika and I live in Phnom Penh. My name means "to be something true". I grew up here together with two sisters.

The most important things to me are the health of my family, my work and keeping things in order. In my free time, I take care of my two children.

In my work, I especially appreciate the family atmosphere and that I can take my children with me when they don't have school.

In the workshop, my main task is to sew the fabric body onto the jute soles of the espadrilles, an activity that is done by hand.

On a deserted island I would take my family, my rice cooker and my mobile phone.

My favourite REFISHED product? The espadrilles, of course!

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