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Put Sophea

Put Sophea


ORIGIN: Kandal, Cambodia
AGE: 48
♥ COLOUR: white

My name is Put Sophea and I come from the Cambodian province of Kandal. "Sophea" means "rabbit" and rabbits are said to be very clever in our country - so I like my name. I have two sisters and two brothers. I am not married, but I wish to have a nice family one day.

I like my work. I am the pattern maker and directrice in our workshop, which means that I am the highest professional in the craft department. I show my colleagues exactly how to sew the products and also check the quality. I always make the first sample for Sissi and then we use that as a model. Sometimes I also design completely new things according to my own ideas.

My job is very important to me because I can support myself and my family with my earnings and it even allows us to have a good standard of living.

What I love: trips with my colleagues as a group.

What I don't like: When someone tells untruths.

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