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The colors of our brand, the colors of our bags, are just the representation of a deep heart's desire: to bring more happiness to this world, and this includes helping in any way causes and people who need it.

On Friday, 15/03/2024, something really magical happened, and it's all thanks to you, our cherished customers. Thanks to you, your support, and your regular purchases, we took the first step towards a bigger dream: Helping some communities in Cambodia, the country where we fairly produce most of REFISHED’s products.
Our journey led us to Terk Laork Primary School in the remote reaches of Koh Kong province, Cambodia. Here, 80 bright-eyed children eagerly pursue their dreams for a better future. But their journey, like many others, is not without its challenges. Beautiful things happen when we open our hearts to help others, whose realities are so different.
Chiphat Community, where the school stands, is a place of resilience, where families make their living by selling wild fruits. Yet, despite their determination, the lack of resources has left many children without the basic tools they need to learn and grow. That’s why, in collaboration with Sophan (our Workshop Manager in Cambodia), our dedicated team of artisans, and of course your support when buying something from REFISHED, we embarked on a mission with the hope to bring color to the children of Terk Laork Primary School. Our mission was to provide them with books, pencils, colorful upcycled REFISHED backpacks, and a fun and different morning, so we did.
As we arrived at Terk Laork Primary School, we were greeted with open arms and radiant smiles. The joy on the children's faces was palpable, their excitement contagious. In the school, we met beautiful and intelligent children, with the hope of a bright future. Among them was Rim Channy, who is in grade 4 and is 10 years old. Her passion is to read books, her favorite color is yellow, and her dream is to become a teacher so she can help more kids in her community to have a better future. Many of these children had to rely on plastic bags to carry their belongings, and did not have the resources to buy school books or materials, so for us, this was a symbol of something we all deserve: dignity and pride. But it wasn't just the children who felt the impact of this day. The teachers, too, were moved by our kindness and help. To them, these bags represented more than just school supplies; they were a symbol of possibility and empowerment. So, to each and every one of you who has supported REFISHED, know that you are not just customers; you are changemakers, dream weavers, and bearers of hope. Your purchases are more than transactions; they are votes for a better world. This is a reminder of the profound impact we can have when we come together with love, compassion, and willingness to help each other. Let us continue to spread joy, one colorful bag at a time. Thank you for making this possible.
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